E-Assessment as resource repository on Moodle

Hi, I would like to share my experience while working on a project called e-learning license which we develop using Adobe Captivate, Moodle and SCORM object. Whole idea behind this project was how to promote e-learning among the staff. We started certifying them, once they pass our online assessment of about 30 plus modules, with e-Learning License.

Captivate SCORM Moodle

Captivate SCORM Moodle

We are still working on fully integrate Captivate, Moodle and SCORM object so that once they pass all modules (passing grade 80%) they will get certify automatically and the e-license  will issue automatically via email.Grade reporting giving us hard time.   The secondary benefit of this e-assessment which we discover later was to make this assessment page as a resource for future FAQ reference. Now even staff those who have been certify and those who are not yet still may use it as reference for their daily task on Moodle and Interactive Lecture.  Our Demo plays are key role in getting back to this site even some of our e-Learning staff could watch the demo and refresh their knowledge by watching the simulation. We try to break down the main activity into smaller tasks, define objectives, develop demo, create a job aid and finally we created assessment using Adobe Captivate.

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