Storyline for Online Tutorial for ECG

Currently I am working on a Project to have OER (Open Educational Resource) for ECG. We are working on a tutorial for ECG so that student may learn on their own how to interpret ECG leads? We pick storyline as tool do develop self-learning tutorial for ECG. It took about two-three weeks of discussion and finally I and SME (Subject Matter Expert) agreed on the tool. I design several navigation layouts so that we might pick most effective one. We need to do pilot with students also. The moment I inserted storyline characters and convince SME to have voice recorded over the slides. After publishing the content so that my SME could watch it as both of us are not at the same site.  SME was impressed with the content development and interactivity and effectiveness of using Characters, pictures and voice with context to topic explain in slides. As on the first slide I used heart beat sound.  I will be posting more on this project and sharing with you my experience working with storyline and SME.



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