Community Manager (5 sexy steps to informal learning!)

This post I am writing after reading one of the post on elearning industry website. by Brian Bishop. Most of the time at my work I am involved in some sort of community Manager and Knowledge Hustler Job for the IMU staff. The tools I use to keep me up to mark with the ocean of information.

1) My first and topmost visited place will be twitter
you may find me @hbaloch.
2) Second place will be Facebook pages.
3) Third place will be SlideShare you may visit my SlideShare site.

List will continue but i will list only here my best three tools. Please share your best three tools for informal learning. let me share with you the 5 sexy step to informal learning for details please read Brian blog post

1) Divorce my LMS and get cozy with an LRS
2) Get intimate with Tin Can and HashTags.
3) Woo SMEs to be Content Curators.
4) Bring sexy back to the company Intranet
5) Play the field.

Still learning to adjust to my new role. 🙂

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