Articulate Storyline Projects

This post is to share with you all about my Articulate Storyline Projects. Let me share with you what is Articulate Storyline software.

Articulate Storyline:

Storyline is a desktop tool that produces highly-interactive and media rich e-learning courses for a variety of needs: Web, LMS (AICC and SCORM 1.2/SCORM 2004/Tin Can Api), CD, Articulate Online. You could Published content as Flash-based, HTML5, or iOS (Apple devices) or all three at once. Using Storyline you could do advanced things without being a programmer.
Extracted from Slideshare Presentation

ECG Interpretation Tutorial using Storyline:

In January 2013, Hasnain and Vela began working on a project to teach ECG interpretation to medical students using the interactive format of Articulate’s story line. As a pilot project, we prepared and embedded images of ECG in Power Point. Vela wrote the narrative for the project. Hasnain translated the narrative into a visually-rich and interactive format using Articulate’s story line. Examples of the slides are shown here. A sample group of students were shown these slides and asked to comment on this kind of learning experience. The feedback we received was mixed. The students liked the interactive approach but felt that the visual narrative method could be improved. Based on this feedback, we are now working on an interactive approach, by using actual videos explaining ECG, which is likely to be more appealing to mature adult learners.






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