Social Constructivism and Games in Learning

A game is a great plugin in Moodle. It makes use of questions, quizzes and glossaries to create a variety of interactive games. Games pic

The games are:






Snakes and Ladders

Hidden Picture

Book with questions

Hangman: Basic game for children/ language learning students.

Crossword – It takes words from either a glossary or quiz short answer questions and generates a random crossword puzzle. Teacher can set the maximum number of columns or words that contains. Student can press the button “Check crossword” to check if the answers are correct. It is dynamic so it is different to every student.


Following table could show types of question for different games in Moodle Module:

Glossary                           Questions

Game                                                                           True / False

Short answer          Multi choice

Hangman                     X                Χ

Crossword                   X                Χ

Cryptex                     X                Χ

Millionaire                                                         Χ

Sudoku                      X                Χ                      Χ               Χ

The hidden picture          X                Χ                      Χ               Χ

Snakes and Ladders          Χ                Χ

Book with questions         X                Χ                      Χ               Χ

Here it goes my slides on Social Constructivism and games in learning:

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