Summarize Year 2015 and looking forward to 2016

Year 2015 was one of the fastest year to end and one of the less active year as far as blog posting is concern. You could image this is my only second post of this year. Alhumdullil Allah this year was one of the active year as far as e-Learning is concern. I will summarize what I was involved in for past one year.

I was involved more in management task this year which was great learning experience. Get more opportunities to learn about people management, emotional intelligence and self-control. 🙂

Accreditation Process: Was involved in this documentation intensive exercise which make me learn more what we were doing for last five year. Able to do SWOT analysis of our department. Feedback from reviewer let us improve more and focus on our strengths.

IPL initiatives: I was lucky to work with several working groups on different projects from different departments. Got chance to work on certain key theoretical concepts like COP, Big data Analysis, Cooperate Training, workforce data, and Learning Organisation.

Flipping the flipped learning:

In year 2014 and early 2015 we explore and implemented flipped learning. The idea came from Dr Sufyan to do the flipping the flipped learning. Key concept is shared here. flipping the flipped

Video based learning:

Video based learning content with interactivity using Storyline was great experience, we do identify the content which are most of the time repeated and convert them into videos. So learner could use these videos. One of the examples could be to record practical briefing and upload the videos.



Infographic is another important tool when it comes to learning. If design well we could use Infographic to make understand complex idea.


Social Media:

This year used mostly Twitter, FB, Google hangout on air and YouTube.

Discover Blab, great tool for learning and sharing. Just need to join serious and informative blabs and filter non-serious, not related blabs as once you are in you get addicted to watch.


Learning Resources Festival:

The third IMU Learning Resources Festival was held from 30 November to 1 December 2015. The activities scheduled during the 2-day festival were e-Learning Showcases, Learning Innovation Talks, Nano Workshops, and Mobile Game activities. For details click here.

Looking Forward 2016:

I am looking forward to year 2016 to learn more and explore more about designing effective and engaging learning experiences. I wish year 2016 will be more interactive, challenging, and result oriented year for all of us.  Waiting for your feedback or comments. Thanks 🙂

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1 Response to Summarize Year 2015 and looking forward to 2016

  1. shiv kumar says:

    Its a wonderful learning experience this year. You acheivementa are highly appreciative. wish good luck for 2016.

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