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The Potential of Virtual Reality in Medical Education and Training

Originally posted on TBirdsEyeView:
This blog post was written by Bryan Chew Jun Wei, a student at Leicester Medical School, who is a member of the student group MedRIFT — Medical Research into Future Technologies. Image Courtesy Wikimedia Commons CC-BY-SA…

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List of Leading Free Online Educational Resources

Along with the traditional university education, online education is becoming very common. Now courses are available online for free from leading universities/institutes of the world and all the pe… Source: List of Leading Free Online Educational Resources

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Documenting Learning

Originally posted on User Generated Education:
As I’ve discussed in numerous posts, I am an experiential educator. I believe in and promote learning-by-doing and hands-on learning. I approach experiential learning from a cycle of learning which includes reflecting on and…

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Summarize Year 2015 and looking forward to 2016

Year 2015 was one of the fastest year to end and one of the less active year as far as blog posting is concern. You could image this is my only second post of this year. Alhumdullil Allah this year … Continue reading

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Insight for schools: Trends in university learning space design, big shift from lectures to collaborative learning

Originally posted on anne knock:
For many school-based educators, one of the justifications for maintaining a traditional teacher and content focused culture is the need to prepare students for university. But what if universities are changing. MUSE at Macquarie University There…

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Future Learning Forum 2015

This gallery contains 173 photos.

Originally posted on InTeLLect : e-Learning Academy:
I attended Future learning Forum 2015 @ Taylor’s University.. InTeLLect : e-Learning Academy View original post

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The TIM model of coaching: experiences, connections, and engagement

Originally posted on Instructional Design Fusions:
In an increasingly online world,  we still need coaches, a humanizing force, to remind us of the big picture and to help us be successful. In 1994, Strayer and Rossett articulated the TIM model,…

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Gamification: Recipe for Successful Learning—or Just One Ingredient?

Gamification is getting a lot of press these days, with promises of great improvements in learning. And while companies are citing successful employee engagement in gamified learning, the real question is whether gamification itself is a recipe for learning success, … Continue reading

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This Is Why Students Need to Learn Coding ~ Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

“Coding is becoming one of the essential literacies in the 21st century education. There is a growing demand now for teaching students how to code. In his wonderful TED talk titled “Let’s teach kids to code”, Scientist Mitch Resnick made … Continue reading

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Automated Lecture Capturing System

It has been few months that I am doing some research on Lecture Capturing Systems. I will be posting more on this topic as we proceed with the pilot project. Let me share with you so far what I have … Continue reading

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