Scenario Based Learning with Articulate Storyline

Let me share with you why we need Scenario based learning and why stories are important to increase engagement and memorization. Arabs are very famous in narrating the stories. They will feel you as you were part of that story. They will bring you back to that time and you would remember the complete story and its details.

Now are day most of our life experiences are non-linear. so why to make learning as linear. I still remember during our primary school you only have one solution to your maths problems and that is the solution given by our lectures. What ever is given by lecturers are only accepted in exams. 🙂
When we talk about scenario based learning actually we are giving context to the learning content which suits learners. Learning will be more engaging and interactive.

Articulate storyline is prove to be so far best tool to design scenarios with no programming experience required. I am attaching my slides from my workshop on scenario based learning with Articulate storyline.

Feedback I got from audience that I was bit fast. I should provide then the story/Scenario so that they could practice during the workshop. For my future workshop I will consider this. Any other suggestion or comments are always welcome.


2 Responses to Scenario Based Learning with Articulate Storyline

  1. Nor Fadzleen says:

    It’s very easy on the eyes and have a nice flow. Giving more examples might be a way of making it more engaging. Well done!

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