Year 2014 Conclusion and Moving Forward to 2015

Year 2014 was bit fast in reaching to end and was full of personal and social turbulence. But Alhumdullil Allah with HIS guidance and Elders prayers I was able to get hold of my self.  I am lucky to work on different projects, I will be sharing the details in this post, which enhanced my learning, managerial skills and knowledge. Alhumdullil Allah, I was fortunate to be promoted to Assistant Manager for e-Learning Department at IMU.

Let me summarize the major projects I involved in year 2014.


First of all we worked on e-Assessment using Articulate Storyline and Moodle. We try to convert OSCE/OSPE (Objective structured clinical/practical examination) to online. We try to make these assessment more interactive by using different tools, Powtoon, Goanimate, Articualte replay, etc. We were able to produce some interesting, interactive and engaging content and assessment.  In year 2015 we will be incorporating more assessment. To know more about PowToon click hereStoryline PowToon

Flipped Learning:

Over the last few years, the International Medical University (IMU) has been active in encouraging its lecturers to transform their traditional lectures (plenaries) into more engaging and interactive face-to-face (f2f ) learning experiences. IMU lecturers have been encouraged to use various e-Learning tools, social media and develop i-Lectures (Interactive voice-narrated PowerPoint presentations developed using Articulate Studio) for students to explore online (before, during and after) f2f sessions, so that they can spend more quality learning time during them to interact, discuss and explore the subject deeper with students.

Since 2012, IMU lecturers have been increasingly encouraged and trained to use various interactive Web tools in their f2f learning sessions, such as Poll Everywhere, Socrative, Infuse Learning, Padlet and recently Kahoot to engage students via their mobile devices with open and closed ended questions in meaningful and creative ways.

During this period, IMU has embraced what is known today as the ‘Flipped Classroom’ approach, but with its own flavour, whereby schools and programs are required to infuse more e-Learning content and activities, and transform their didactic lectures to become more interactive, engaging and relevant to student learning experiences. To read more about Blended & Flipped Learning: Case Studies in Malaysian HEIs click here

Research poster on Flipped learning and Poll Everywhere, for details click here

Research Article on Flipped classroom, to view the article click here


WOWLA (Working Group Online Workshops Lectures and Assessment):

We have done a pilot study on the utility of various software tools and developed an innovative methodology called WOWLA (Working Group Online Workshops, Lectures and Assessment) to train our post graduate working adult students.

With this methodology, we have facilitated “Live Online Virtual Classes/Lectures” by using a free online software tool Google Hangout. We have also facilitated “Collaborative Live Online Hands on Workshops” with the help of a free online software tool “Team Viewer & Google Hangout” through our desktop application sharing. All the online sessions were auto recorded and can be used as Open Educational Resources (OER) for all the students/learners of IMU and others.

We could successfully conducted all the students’ assessment online (100%). The assessments based on written assignments, Review, critical Review were submitted and graded online by using “Moodle & Turnitin”. Regarding assessment based on oral presentation, we have successfully conducted “First time Students Online Oral Presentation” by using “Google Hangout” through our desktop screen sharing. This WOWLA methodology can be useful for other modules of Post Graduate studies.





Research Grant and Publication:

Year 2014 was bit active in terms of research grant and research publications. Published one book chapter , two conference papers and one Journal Article.

Were able to secure research grant on following projects:

  • Faculty Development Training Programme using media and technology in instruction.
  •  Interprofessional Learning Amongst Health professions students: A Trajectory to consolidate Professionalism.
  • Development and Validation of an Interactive Game-Based Script Concordance Test (SCT) for Assessing Clinical Reasoning in Odontogenic Pain. 

E-Learning Festival:

The second IMU e-Learning Festival was held from 10 – 12 November 2014. The activities scheduled during the 3-day festival were e-Learning Showcases, Learning Innovation Talks, Nano Workshops, and Mobile Game activities.For details click here.

Workshops and Talks:

It was active year for me conducting workshops and giving talks at IMU and outside. List of some of my selective talks and workshops.

  1. Gave talk entitled, “Power of technology to Transform Education”at Japan E-Learning Awards 2014. For slides of my talk click here
  2. Gave talk at Higher Education for Next-Generation on Creation and Emergence of the Knowledge entitled “Power of technology to enhanced education” for details click here
  3. Conducted workshop on Classroom engagement tools for flipped learning. To view slides click here
  4. Conducted workshop on Articulate Storyline , for details of workshop click here

I wish year 2015 will be more interactive, challenging, and result oriented year for all of us. Dear audience your feedback will help me grow. Do drop a line or two. Thanks 🙂





One Response to Year 2014 Conclusion and Moving Forward to 2015

  1. Mueen says:

    Very Informative thank you. I will try to use one of the animated tool you have mentioned in my class next semester. I have used Socrative it was good

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